Friday, January 13

Wallpaper: Grey Loves

I love wallpaper, I have it in my home already and I'm thinking of adding more (powder room?).  I’m a huge fan of pattern and mixing things up and amazed at what it can do in a space; it's instant art. It can be intimidating to commit to wallpaper, my suggestion: neutrals. I vote grey since it is the new beige. It can be  modern or classic and add an element of design in a subtle way.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. Sanderson: Leora
2. Cole & Son: Rajapur
3. Brian Yates: Belle Birds
4. Nina Campbell: Canto Stripe
5. Cole and Son: Diamond Stripe
6. Designers Guild: Watelet


  1. Love these wallpaper choices.

  2. I love grey sooo much I dread the day it's done. As for wallpaper, I'm lovin the Cole & Son Rajapur

  3. I agree about the Cole & Son - I've had it in my bedroom for a few years and I still love it every time I go in there!:)

  4. Ohhh I can't wait till I have a new house to decorate. Keep the ideas coming xoxo Ash