Thursday, January 26

Valentines - For the Kids

Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  I love that in the middle of a sometimes dreary month, we set aside a day to celebrate those who are special to us.  Of course, chocolate is a highlight as well!
Since my girls started school, I've enjoyed looking for fun new ideas for Valentines.  In my search this year I came across these adorable cards by sarah + abraham.
Depending on the size of your child's class I admit it could get a little pricey, but I just love these custom cards!

There are many other amazing products on this site including personalized placemats, water bottles and great stationary.
What child wouldn't love to be made into their very own cartoon character!

There are also endless DIY Valentine's crafts you can do with your little ones; here are some we've done in the past.  It's a great way to spend an afternoon and the kids are always excited to give out their hand-made goodies.

Thursday, January 19

Basement - Come On Down

It’s no secret that the basement isn’t always everyone’s favorite place to be.  For many reasons, it can be the most avoided space in a home and the last to get a little d├ęcor TLC.

Usually natural lighting is limited so I like the idea of keeping the palette light and airy.  With a removable, machine washable cover, a white sofa can actually be practical, even with little ones running around.  A cowhide rug looks great on (most often) basic berber carpet and a coffee table with storage is the perfect solution for games and dvds.

We decided to make our basement a place where we would want to hang out as a family.  I found that with a comfortable couch, a lot of texture (pillows & throws) and the right lighting it became, dare I say, inviting!  

Koldby Cowhide Rug: IKEA
Ektorp Sofa: IKEA
Rustic Storage Coffee Table: West Elm
Tripod Wood Floor Lamp: West Elm
Vinyl Wall Sticker Decal: Urbanwalls
Mongolian Lamb Pillow Cover: West Elm
Seagulls Silk Pillow Cover: West Elm
Yellow & Natural Gray Linen Pillow: Etsy
Chunky Tassel Throw (Silver Grey): West Elm
Branch Bowl: Z Gallerie

Friday, January 13

Wallpaper: Grey Loves

I love wallpaper, I have it in my home already and I'm thinking of adding more (powder room?).  I’m a huge fan of pattern and mixing things up and amazed at what it can do in a space; it's instant art. It can be intimidating to commit to wallpaper, my suggestion: neutrals. I vote grey since it is the new beige. It can be  modern or classic and add an element of design in a subtle way.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. Sanderson: Leora
2. Cole & Son: Rajapur
3. Brian Yates: Belle Birds
4. Nina Campbell: Canto Stripe
5. Cole and Son: Diamond Stripe
6. Designers Guild: Watelet

Monday, January 9

Combining Rooms - Girls

Last year was a year of change, one being the addition of our baby boy.  Our girls, who used to have their own bedrooms, now (much to my oldest daughter's dismay) share a room (possible design dilemma).  There are so many ways to create a fun shared space for girls.  Here are some ideas:
Pink and orange: This is such a great combination and you'll never forget whose side is whose with an extra-large photo!

Positioning beds end to end can create a lot of extra space in a room.

A fun way to express budding personal style, individual wallpaper.

Pottery Barn Kids
Alternative furniture placement adds interest.  The use of wrought iron creates visual space.

The girls' room turned out better than I imagined. I think it's safe to say they even enjoy sharing their space!  I will be doing a home tour post in the near future so stay tuned for the result!

Sunday, January 1


I’m so excited to be venturing into the world of blogging! I’ve been an avid follower of blogs for many years and I’ve decided it’s time to join in on the fun.

I look forward to sharing about the many things I’m passionate about; there’s a long list. Thank you for stopping by!

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