Friday, February 3

Etsy - Pillow Talk

I love Etsy!  Etsy is a place you can go to find original home décor, art and anything else your creative heart desires.  Recently, I was searching for pillows and came across some with words and phrases on them.  I love that these pillows can make a statement and add quirky character to any room.  As an added bonus, I’ve found that sellers will often let you customize your pillows.  What would you say?!

1. XOXO - alexandra ferguson
2. I Love Cake - Raine Style Home
3. Beauty Full - DeLysh Design
4. HOME - knot for sale
5. Happily Ever After - tillyanna designs
6. No Whining - alexandra ferguson
7. Smile - Honey Pie Design

You can find my Etsy store by clicking here!


  1. I love this post ..I love pillows..Love the Beauty full one

  2. GREAT FINDS!!! my fave is the beauty full one too. LOVE. Great way to personalize a space! xo

  3. These pillows are so cute steph!! I love the "NO WHINING".



  4. these are all great! my faves are smile and happily ever after!

  5. Great post Stephanie. I'm always looking for interesting pillows. My latest "find" are portrait pillows by Brittan Goetz. Check her out at